The real reason behind Digong’s threat to declare martial law

By Guy Camacho

Duterte-and-troops.2What is really the reason behind Digong’s threat to declare martial law?

Let’s start with the ridiculous ‘murder most foul’ of Mayor Espinosa in November which the NBI, as well as Senator Lacson, concluded was a ‘slam dunk’ conclusion.

“We maintain it was a rubout. There was a criminal intent. Pumunta talaga doon para patayin si Espinosa [They really went there to kill Espinosa].”

Must we still beg to ask this question – Why did Duterte revoke, through ‘Kumpare Bong Go’, PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa’s relief order of Marvin Marcos as CIDG Eastern Visayas Chief?

As expected, Duterte defenders will deny that Duterte’s reinstatement of Marcos has nothing to do with the killing of Espinosa inside the Baybay jail two weeks after his re-instatement, while in the process of being ‘arrested’ (inside prison!) for possession of drugs and firearms at 3:00 am at dawn.

Isn’t it clear that that Duterte’s participation in the Espinosa killing is that of being a direct participant, whose order to rescind PNP D/G Bato’s was indispensable in executing the murder of Espinosa. The not-so-secret motive which is embedded in his wish to have Marcos silenced, makes Duterte the Master Mind!

On the bases of the NBI’s conclusion that Mayor Espinosa’s murder was conspired; which conclusion was reached likewise by the Senate; then the OMBUDSMAN MUST FILE, MOTO PROPIO, Conspiracy and Murder charges against Marvin Marcos, et al …

… AND, incumbent President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, as an indispensable participant, without whose direct intervention in rescinding the relief order of Marvin Marcos as Reg-8 CIDG Chief, the murder of Espinosa could not have been executed.

Furthermore, the Ombudsman’s Office should expedite and proceed with the stated charges, even if the presidential immunity is raised, and for the Ombudsman’s Office to subsequently raise the necessary petition to the Supreme Court questioning the presidential immunity, as provided by the 1987 Constitution, if raised as a defense by Duterte, was not intended by the framers of the Constitution as a shield against the commission of high crimes such as conspiracy and murder.

Taken altogether, the alleged plot to oust Duterte, impliedly through the use of extra-judicial means, and allegedly planned by Loida Lewis, Ted Laguatan, and V/P Leni Robredo and ‘yellow conspirators’, is just a ruse and a cover-up for the real threat to Duterte’s political survival. He is not only indictable by the Ombudsman but also by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

The declaration of martial law is Digong’s convenient means to provide himself a blanket escape mechanism by which he can evade trial by the courts for the murders committed through the DDS and the on-going EJK!

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