In Hitler’s footsteps: From Auschwitz to America

By Perry Diaz

trump-and-hitlerLittle did Donald J. Trump realize that by preaching the gospel of hate, it would bring him to the pinnacle of power in America. Or, could it be that he was aware that hate was what dictators use to achieve power and exercise total control over their people? Take Adolf Hitler for one, who arguably was the most despicable of these tyrants who didn’t see any value on the human lives that he put to death. In a short time, he systematically exterminated more than six million Jews during World War II.

Seven decades after the end of World War II, the specter of another Hitlerian era looms in America, right under the torch held high by Lady Liberty who keeps vigil at the Liberty Island in New York Harbor. But the threat to Americans’ freedom today does not come from without; it comes from within the tarnished soul of America, its purity poisoned by the promises of a snake oil salesman – Donald J. Trump — who lives not too far from where the vigilant Lady Liberty stands.

Hitler’s Germany

adolf-hitlerTwo months from now, Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the U.S. But his ascension to power is fraught with danger. For the fourth time in the history of the U.S., Trump won the electoral vote — and thus the presidency — although he lost the popular vote. It’s a quirk in the U.S. electoral system, which is anachronistic and, in my opinion, should be reformed. But that is not where the danger lies, it’s what Trump promised the American people, which many believe ran eerily in parallel to the pathway that Hitler took to achieve control of the political system of Germany. On that day, January 30, 1933, the German President Paul von Hindenburg named Hitler as Chancellor of Germany (equivalent to Prime Minister).

Hitler’s meteoric rise was spurred by the German people’s dissatisfaction with the economic conditions caused in large part to Germany’s defeat in World War I. Hitler, a fiery and charismatic speaker, took advantage of the German people’s discontent with their government and directed their anger at Germany’s Jewish community whom he blamed for all the malaise and suffering of Germany’s majority “Aryan” race.

Hitler’s emergence as Germany’s undisputed leader marked a pivotal turning point for Germany… and ultimately, the world. He immediately expanded the state police – the Gestapo – and put Hermann Goring in charge over it.

Trump’s America

donald-trump-making-faceWith the succession of Trump to the presidency, it’s déjà vu all over again or so it seems. There are uncanny similarities between Trump and Hitler. Take for instance, Trump’s favorite slogan. On June 14, 2016, Trump greeted America’s Flag Day on his Twitter account with the words “AMERICA FIRST!” And throughout the campaign, Trump repeatedly said, “When I am president, it will always be America first.” But while there is no doubt – and it was an effective campaign slogan—that it was patriotic in every sense, what Trump had in mind was quite different when he said, “America first.”

That same day in Atlanta, Trump told the audience at a rally that his “America first” slogan was different from Ronald Reagan’s. He defined it as the “America” he wants to put “first” by saying those who don’t properly belong in it. “That definition does not include certain people of foreign descent born in the United States, who are to him still foreigners and whom he labels accordingly (in the past few weeks, Trump has referred to native-born Americans as ‘Mexican’ or ‘Afghan’). It does not include Muslim residents, whom he would ‘certainly’ and ‘absolutely’ force to register their presence with the U.S. government (asked how this proposed policy differs from Nazi laws regarding Jews, Trump replied, ‘You tell me’). Trump wants his exclusionary America to cower behind walls. He would erect metaphorical barriers against immigrants and exclude Muslims from entering the United States until they can be ‘properly and perfectly’ screened.” (Washington Post/Reuters)

Trump and Hitler

Entrance to Auschwitz.

Entrance to Auschwitz.

While Trump denied that he didn’t steal the “America First” slogan from Reagan, the provenance of “America First” is traced to the Nazi-friendly Americans in the 1930s. “During the early 1930s,” the Washington Post article said, “as the Nazis consolidated control over Germany, the U.S. media baron William Randolph Hearst began touting the slogan ‘America First’ against President Franklin Roosevelt, whom he saw as dangerously likely to ‘allow the international bankers and the other big influences that have gambled with your prosperity to gamble with your politics.’ Hearst regarded Roosevelt’s New Deal as ‘un-American to the core’ and ‘more communistic than the communists’ — unlike Nazism, which he believed had won a great victory for ‘liberty-loving people’ everywhere in defeating communism.”

During the 2016 presidential campaign there were many published articles showing similarities between Hitler and Trump. One article posted on the Nairaland Forum’s website shows uncanny similarities between Hitler and Trump, to wit:

Adolf Hitler:                             Donald Trump:

1. Used racism to rise to         1. Uses racism to rise to
power.                                        power.

2. Promised to make               2. Promises to make America
Germany great again.              America great again.

3. Anti-Jew Fascist.                3. Anti-Muslim Fascist.

4. Blamed Jews for                 4. Blames Muslims for the
Germany’s problems.             U.S.’s problems.

5. Forced Jews to wear           5. Wants Muslims to
special IDs.                               register.

6. Proposed mass                    6. Proposes mass
deportation.                              deportation.

Transition period

alt-right-trumpWith the transition period now in progress, Trump’s nominees to his national security team have raised eyebrows and created anxiety among libertarians. With Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, and Rep. Mike Pompeo as Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), there is a lot of apprehension about how they are going to implement Trump’s scary national security agenda.

Sessions as Attorney General will hold a key post in national security. When Reagan nominated him to a federal judge in 1986, the Republican-controlled Senate rejected Sessions “out of concern” based on devastating testimony by former colleagues who accused him of being a racist. The question is: Would the intervening 30 years change his racist past?

Trump’s nominee for National Security Adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was controversial in so many ways. He was fired as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the Obama administration. Accused of sexism and harboring anti-Muslim sentiments, Flynn believes that Islamist militancy poses an existential threat to the U.S. The question is: Would his extremist views on Islam become the underlying motivation to require Muslim-Americans to register?

Trump’s nominee for Director of CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, lacks the experience to head the CIA. He had been accused of being anti-Muslim and had participated in a “racist political campaign,” which makes one wonder if he’d inject racism in safeguarding the nation’s security?

With Trump’s national security team consisting of people with extremist views on race, sex, and national origin, is America going the way of Hitler’s Germany? And is Trump following in Hitler’s footsteps? Are we seeing a pathway from the Auschwitz concentration camps to America’s walled bastion where Americans who don’t fit in Trump’s “America First” don’t belong in America?


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  1. Fernando Habito says:

    Trump choice of National Security team reflects his true agenda and ideology.Unfortunately he was voted and supported br the electoral system and even by many gullible and ignorant FilAm voters.

  2. Stefani Murray says:

    Don’t you love the GOPers’ collective mind set: party before country always! (Select, endorse and elect a candidate no matter how bad he is.) The subsequence be damn and the country can go to hell. To outsiders, methinks, it is over, above and beyond belief that this brazenly racist, xenophobic, narcissist, homophobic bigot, sexist, fascist, negative propagandist, religionist, divisive, thin-skinned, vengeful, illogically irrational orange man with the memory span of a 5 year old got to be elected president of the USA. God help America. But who knows! Maybe he will have Hillary’s luck in the reverse. (Hillary was predicted to win but went on to lose). May be despite all the doom and gloom predictions of what it is going to be like under Trump’s rule that he actually WILL DO GOOD as his ferociously loyal supporters ferociously believe. If not, oh well, they have themselves to blame. Them and those people who didn’t vote and gave up their power to make a difference deserve whatever they get. Unfortunately, the folks who didn’t vote for him will also be affected, inevitably, by virtue of societal association or something.

  3. I disagree with YOUR COMPARISON of Mr. Trump to Hitler. What a typical Filipino ‘put down’ news article.Let’s all do our best, and God will do the rest.( Nov. 25, 2016 at 10:10 pm

  4. John Kanig (a FilAm) says:

    Trump = Hitler… isn’t it nice to have the Freedom of Speech?

    “gullible and ignorant FilAm voters”…those who think themselves as Elite always find fault on others. Hope you can prove yourself a lot smarter than those who didn’t vote like you, Mr. Habito.

  5. pat talens says:

    Sad, this time a favorite political writer—Perry Diaz—holds contravening political views with me about President-elect Donald Trump. Worse, I am appalled with such analogy, that of Trump to a world historic tyrant Adolph Hitler. I am stunned beyond words.

    Racism—Trump is no racist. Look at some of his cohorts and admiring supporters. It’s his opponents who use racism as favorite fallacious talking point against him.

    Make America great again—As a Filipino-American who served almost 3 decades in the US military, this slogan resonates with my patriotic self. It is a slogan that is to reverse the country’s degraded military and economic stature word-wide; it is a drumbeat to remedy the miscalculations, incompetence, and lack of vision on foreign policy endeavors that brought about mind-boggling catastrophes, conflicts and turmoil especially in the Middle-East, and resulting angst and mushrooming refugees in the European continent.

    Anti-Muslim Fascist. Blames Muslims for US problems—I don’t believe Trump is completely anti-Muslim. He only sees it as is— being against Islamic extremism and the Muslim terrorists that the Obama administration won’t even say. He is against this group of people, and not to the whole muslim world.

    Wants Muslim to register—It is not decided. It is simply a consideration to stop islamic terrorism in the country. He only abides with his constitutional obligation to ensure safety of all American citizens, including Muslim Americans. Unlike Hitler who tattood numbers on all Jews for identification for mass genocide.

    Proposes mass deportation—Trump wants all criminal illegal aliens deported. For the US as a law and order country, there is nothing wrong with this. After this, Trump still will be discussing with Congress how to resolve in a humane way the other millions of “illegal” aliens in the country. Unlike Hitler who implemented mass deportation of Jews and other non-Aryan race for exterminations in concentration camps and gas chambers.

    President Obama also then said that election has consequences when he picked members of his cabinet to pursue his vision of the US and the world. Now President-elect Trump is doing the same thing of picking members of his cabinet to pursue his vision to make American great again— to correct and reverse the failings of the outgoing Obama administration, in foreign and domestic policy matters.

    At times we have aligned political views such as when we both supported Duterte during his presidential campaign in the Philippines. But there is a time like this when we hold conflicting views on American Presidential politics. And I believe it is beyond the boundary of decent political debate when you compare President-elect Donald Trump whom I admire and supported to such maniac and murdering Adolph Hitler. I am appalled beyond words!

  6. Jaine says:

    In 2009 you supported Obama against Romney. A few years later, after seeing how bad Obama was with his decisions and actions, you saw the light and went against him. You supported Hillary, a proven corrupt person. You have gone against corrupt Politicians in the Philippines why did you support Hillary? Now you are going to be proven wrong again going against Trump.

    • perry says:

      Hi Jaine,

      I supported Obama against Romney in 2012 because of Romney’s domestic policy of giving breaks to billionaires, which was what George W. Bush also did during his failed presidency from 2001-2009. In regard to Obama, while I supported his domestic policies including Obamacare and the economic recovery, I didn’t agree with his foreign policy particularly after winning his re-election in 2012. Geopolitics had a lot to do with it. but while I didn’t like Obama’s Middle East policies, I like his “Pivot to Asia” strategy including TPP, which I believe is necessary to contain China’s rise. There was no guarantee that Romney could have done better had he won the presidency. Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled Congress refused to ratify the TPP, thus dooming Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” and guaranteeing China’s emergence as Asia-Pacific after more than 100 years of American primacy in the region.

      I regard to Trump, I believe he’s selling the U.S. to his friend Vladimir Putin. His anti-NATO rhetoric is helping Putin take over Eastern Europe. Trump is also against TPP. Hillary was not supportive of TPP during the campaign due to American labor’s opposition to it. However, I believe that once she won the presidency, she’d work for TPP’s ratification, which I believe would have given the U.S. a big shot in the arm to recover her dominance in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. I’m afraid that a Trump presidency would accelerate the end of Pax Americanaand usher in Pax Sinica and Pax Russica.

      By the way, with Trump’s election victory, plutocracy would reign supreme in America. Can you imagine Trump running the country and his business from the Oval Office?


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