Bill Clinton Wants Manny Pacquiao To Become President

By John Santisteban

Manny-Pacquiao-with-two-womenFormer United States president Bill Clinton knows that Manny Pacquiao has been doing good things for his countrymen in the Philippines, and he thinks the former boxing champion has the makings a of a good public servant.

In a recent appearance on the American late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Clinton said that Pacquiao should aspire for higher position in the government.

Clinton is aware that Pacquiao is already a member of House of Representatives in the Philippines, but he insisted that Pacquiao should consider running for president soon.

“He’s already in the Philippine parliament and I hope he goes right on up the ladder,” Clinton said. “I think he’s a great guy and he’s a great role model for the country. He’s very smart and honest, and so he’s thinking about the rest of his life.”

Pacquiao made his eighth appearance on the late night show after Clinton’s turn.

When asked about Clinton’s suggestion about his political career, Pacquiao said that he is not yet thinking about running for higher position, reiterating that he is focused on his role as a congressman.

“Right now, I’m focused on my position as a Congressman,” Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao, whose wife, Jinkee, is the vice governor of their province in the Philippines, is currently preparing for his upcoming showdown against Manny Pacquiao on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Kimmel asked Pacquiao about his first showdown with Bradley, and the former pound-for-pound king said that most fight fans and boxing experts were one in saying that he clearly won the fight.

Pacquiao, who is coming off a unanimous decision win over Brandon Rios in November, wants to prove that he is better than Bradley, and that he still has the killer instinct, contrary to what his American rival is saying.

Pacquiao insisted, though, that he will not force a knockout, saying that he is planning to be aggressive to stop Bradley on his tracks in their rematch.

“I’m not thinking about the knockout. If the knockout comes, it will come. What my focus is, is more aggressiveness, more throwing punches and, you know, I want to prove to him that my killer instinct is always there,” Pacquiao said.

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  1. pat talens says:

    Pacquiao for President? Pro’s should outweigh the con’s. For one, for his money’s worth, Pacquiao must be incorruptible, unlike these so-called intellectuals but without good souls and who plunder the state. The key here is selecting his inner circle to advise him well in governing—and how to speed up the machines of justice to put in jail quickly corrupt people irrespective of their political associations.

  2. L.C. Lagda says:

    President Bill Clinton should stick to picking White House aides for “no-contact” sex and not picking possible presidents for the Philippines.

  3. Don Azarias says:


    Pretty soon Bill Clinton will endorse Monica Lewinsky to be Manny Pacquiao’s Vice President.

    I know Bill Clinton is a womanizer, but I didn’t realize that he is also a comedian.


    • perry says:

      Hi Don,

      You hit it right on the head. Maybe he should take over David Letterman’s “Tonight Show.” Hahaha…


  4. I for one would not want Manny Pacquiao corrupted. Period.

  5. Juan M. Montero,II,MD says:

    I suggest that after taking care of Bradley, Manny should fight Marquez as his swan song,win or lose to hopefully still have plenty of healthy brain cells left to pick the right people in his inner circle, if he ever becomes President of the Philippines.

    • pat Talens says:

      Doc, for your known and proven humanitarian undertakings here in USA and in the home front you do have remarkablly qualifying attributes as future potential advisor to “Prez” Paquiao. You sure fit in that inner circle. Will u take it?

  6. Raoul says:

    Although Clinton’s view comes through (as Don notes) as seemingly comical, I agree with Pat that the former US President may just be right. In addition to being already very rich (a fact that might make him less susceptible to corruption as Marilyn hopes), Pacquiao is humble, loves his countrymen and does seem to be genuinely thankful to God for the way his life has wonderfully unraveled and deeply feels an obligation to give back. In addition he knows from his ring battles that in order to overcome odds and prevail, one needs the advice of those who are more intelligent and experienced than himself, and so I agree again with Pat that the key to Pacquiao’s success as president will be the men and women he will choose to advise him.

  7. Don Azarias says:

    As a true Filipino, in flesh, blood and bone, I had always been and will always be for Manny Pacquiao—win or lose—as a prizefighter, no more, no less. I believe that, not only is he the best Filipino boxer ever but he is one of the best fighters in the history of boxing. Period.

    The problem with the vast majority of us, Filipinos, is our tendency to “hero worship” a celebrity. Don’t you think that our country would have been better if we had not elected the likes of Estrada the father and the sons. Revilla, Sotto and other celebrities to high public offices? I do recognize, however, that there are a few celebrities who did good or are doing good as political leaders.

    I long and pine for the good old days when highly educated Filipino politicians, most of them lawyers, in the likes Pelaez, Sumulong, Tolentino, Aquino, Roxas, Tanada, Ganzon, Manglapus, ‘Soc’ Rodrigo and others dominated the Philippine politics.

    As for Manny Pacquiao, I want him to be the greatest ever to have dominated the boxing arena, where he truly belongs.

    Don Azarias

  8. Beth says:

    Pacquiao the Congressman is reaping the salary, allowances, perks and power of this elected position, howeverr, he has spent MAJORITY of his time and effort practicing for his boxing bouts than serving as he was elected to do. He has a pending case of tax evasion in the Philippines. His wife who spends most of her time with him in training has been elected as vice governor of their province along with two of his brothers who were elected as city councillors and a sister in law a village head. This is how as Clinton puts it ” he is thinking of his future”. Build a political dynasty so you have the power and the funds to stay in office for life and this is passed down generation after generation. Political dynasty is the name of the game. As for the people around him, much much much is left to be desired. They are a gallery of former politicians and political players. He can do good and serve the Filipinos and be the inspiration for a lot. But he has started going down the wrong road and as someone who used to admire him, I am afraid that he is transforming into the TRAPO that he has surrounded himself with. (For those who do not know TRAPO is tagalog for dust rag and an acronym of Traditional Politician. ) Let Bill Clinton change his citizenship and become a Filipino and then let’s see him endorse Pacquiao for president. God help us !!!!

  9. cito tican says:

    The advise of experienced [proven good track records] inner circle of the president is useless unless the president includes it in his decisions. c2

  10. Noel Castorillo says:

    A good president cannot just rely on the advises of his inner circle, or even on his/her Cabinet heads. He must have the wisdom and the political will to discern what is good for the nation and its people and decide on what is good, if not best, for the interest of the nation. One cannot just aspire for the presidency based on his/her popularity

    • Don Azarias says:

      Noel, you are right on target too.

    • Bobby Bagos says:

      I agree with your observation, but the real problem is trying to convince millions of our kababayans how to choose the right person that will lead our country to prosperity. And now this idea that Manny will make a great president remained to be seen, he has yet to prove his worth as the representative of his district and his priorities seemed to be his bread and butter, keeping his reputation as a great boxer. Until our kababayans start using their conscience and common sense in choosing our political leaders, our country will remain at the bottom of the barrel.

  11. L.C. Lagda says:

    Hi Noel,

    Amen, Noel! Look at what happened to the Cory Aquino presidency – good intentions are just not enough.

    Glad to see you’re still writing. I met you at Lorelie Olaes’ campaign for Councilwoman in Carson years ago.

  12. pat talens says:

    I admit Pacquiao, being now a world figure for his stunning boxing skills, is an open book to all being liable for both scorn and admiration. In the political realm, let us not be too prejudicial as to cast insult to his political and managerial skills as a political leader. For his not being a degree-holder, let us not prejudge him as without wisdom and without inherent ability to be a geat leader; for his very destitute and humble beginnings, let us not use this as basis he is without political will and wisdom to discern what is good for the nation.

    On the contrary, his not being among the well-educated, his not being viewed among the intellectuals, and his economically deprived beginnings only will serve him well. He serves as an inspiration to countless Filipinos long betrayed and plundered by good-talking, grandstanding so-called high caliber Filipino politicians.

    Right now, please identify one who has that wisdom and the political will to discern what what is in the best interest of the Nation. Is there anyone among these high-caliber, good-talking political leaders who really helped the victims of Yolanda out of their own pockets. Pacquiao did—I believe from his heart, and out of his earnest desire to help and to create union with his suffering people.

    • Bobby Bagos says:

      That’s just it Pat, right now there’s no one seemed worthy enough to fill that post. Manny did come a long way and his heart’s in the right place and becoming president is never a guarantee that he will be able to pull our country out from the abyss of corruption and poverty. Let’s not ignore the fact that he will not be alone, finding the right people to guide him and give him advice is not going to be a walk in the park either, especially in our country.

  13. Juan M. Montero,II,MD says:

    To answer your earlier question Pat Talens, yes I will gladly volunteer to be in Manny Pacquiao’s inner circle–not just for a healthier Philippines but for the industrialization of Mindanao, in order to join the Newly Industrialized Country[NIC] long overdue status ! GO Manny, KO Bradley.

    • pat talens says:

      Tks for your reply, Doc. And allow me to express my admiration to you as well.
      Indeed, you are admire: You more than epitomize Pacquiao’s life story in helping others, thoughtfulness and in giving back, especially to those so less fortunate. You yourself are a role model and an inspiration—for in your lifetime you sacrificed time and efforts to travel wide just to treat for free so many poor people.

      Yes, GO Manny, KO Bradley. For this, I have get-together in my house in this fight. You are for sure invited.

  14. Juan M. Montero,II,MD says:

    Sorry Perry and readers for hogging this discussion, but many thanks Pat for your kind words and invitation. Keep fingers crossed and let’s re-visit after Saturday’s event.

  15. Juan M. Montero,II,MD says:

    Go Manny, beat Bradley by unanimous decision ! Now that the WBO Welterweight Title is reclaimed, he can either rest on his laurels to set up his eventual Presidential run or fight one last time to beat Juan Marquez. Win or lose, adios muchachos ! My advice to Manny–hang up ’em gloves while ahead. Doc

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