Noy involved in 2013 poll fraud, P30M given for crime cover-up

By Paul Atienza
The Daily Tribune 


Tingting-CojuangcoIn a follow-up of a daily broadsheet’s story bannered Friday, presidential aunt, Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco, wife of former Rep. Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, uncle of the President, bared that her nephew, President Aquino, was aware of the “digital” election fraud that was implemented by two officials who were given by the Palace tenant P30 million to “clean up the (fraud) mess and cover up the crime.”

Mrs. Cojuangco, in a radio interview, reiterated that indeed her nephew, President Aquino, was not only aware of but also involved in the 2013 “digitally-rigged election.”

Deputy presidential spokesman Abigail Valte quickly brushed aside the allegations of election fraud engaged in by Aquino himself and his allies who are Liberal Party stalwarts, and all to ensure that the majority of Aquino’s senatorial bets would win in the May 2013 elections, through digital fraud, which was said to have been conducted by two ranking public officials identified with the president, as Mrs. Cojuangco charged and as reported in the banner story of Manila Standard Today (MST), in its Friday’s issue.

The former Tarlac governor, who ran for a Senate seat in the 2013 polls, lost the race.

She also said that the digitial rigging benefitted greatly one senatorial candidate who she said was deliberately made to top the Senate polls.

It was then presidential senatorial bet, Grace Poe who had topped the Senate race, even as the surveys showed her on the lower end of the magic circle.

Cojuangco, in the broadsheet report exposed the massive 2013 election fraud with a 60-30-10 pattern which she said was already programmed by the election computer machines.

Moreover, Ms. Cojuangco also bared in her expose that her nephew certainly knew about the “digitally rigged” election, as the president himself gave P30 million to a ranking official to “clean up and cover up” the election fraud, as the votes went overboard, especiallyt in the case of Poe, and and were not credible.

Besides, the vote count failed to match the ballot count.

The presidential aunt during the radio interview was asked categorically if President Aquino knew about the cheating.

She replied: “Of course. You cannot do this (order the poll rigging) “to ensure the victory of his nine candidates,” saying “of course Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes will be too afraid to do this (rig the polls on his own) unless he was directed to do it and that he will be protected.”

Valte claimed that Brillantes and the other commissioners already answered the allegations on the poll fraud.
“At this point, the Comelec has already addressed those concerns,” Valte said, despite the fact that Brillantes never bothered to address the poll fraud accusations and all the other irregularities charged by election watcdogs.

Mrs. Cojuangco also stressed that Aquino had given P30 milllion to Brillantes, as admitted by Valte herself, claiming that the P30 milllion was for the Comelec’s “intelligence fund”, not realizing that this was against the law, since the law says the Comelec is barred from having any intelligence funds, apart from the law also barring the president from giving out millions in “intelligence” funds to the Comelec.

This P30 million given by Aquino to Brillantes was evidently to ensure the victory of his senatorial candidates through electronioc fraud and again for him to clean up the “mess” and to cover up the fraud.

There was also another P30 million that was reportedly given to a general, also as intelligence fund, which was supposedly for cleaning up and covering up the fraud.

Only last July, former Comelec commissioner Gus Lagman stood by his allegations of irregularity in the use of intelligence funds by the poll body.

Lagman claimed the funds might have come from the pork barrel allocation of the Palace.

“That is what it appears to be,” Lagman said after a hearing at the Court of Appeals (CA) on a petition questioning the poll body’s use of the funds.

Mrs. Cojuangco said she was a victim of election fraud after she had conducted an in depth investigation in Mindanao.

Valte considered the allegations of Cojuangco as an old issue which had also been raised by other groups.
“It’s not the first time that those concerns have been aired out, also by other groups,” Valte said.

Valte said the Aquino administration has already addressed the allegations of the election fraud as well as that of the Comelec led by Brillantes.

“From the viewpoint of, at least, the administration, the Comelec has sufficiently answered these claims,” Valte said.

The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) in a court of appeals hearing on the habeas data sought by AESWatch, an election watchdog, denied the poll body received intelligence funds to supposedly build cases against election saboteurs.

But Lagman’s group, told the CA Valte and Brillantes Jr. had publicly confirmed the allocation of such funds to the poll body.

In the interview with radio dzMM, Cojuangco said she and an election watchdog examined voting patterns all over the country and found that Liberal Party candidates got a 60 percent vote share from polling precincts while the rest of the votes went to the other bets.

“What we saw is that whoever put this together was either Smartmatic or Comelec. It was they who rigged the polls,” she said.

In the interview, Cojuangco noted that the vote manipulation started on Election Day when the poll tallies from Comelec showed discrepancies.

The report said, quoting her, that her investigation showed that some of the votes for her were shaved off in the polls.

She also was quoted as saying that the P30 milllion was used to print extra ballots so that the numbers in the offices of the municipal and provincial treasurers’ offices would match those reflected in the Comelec website.
It will be recalled that another whistleblower, a former Comelec official or officer, in a press conference earlier, bared that the Holy Family with bulks and bulks of ballots, as caught in a photo. This is a practice not allowed, as the ballots should be printed in the Naitonal Printing Office.

The whistleblower said that these printed ballots would be used to ensure that the Comelec vote count in the server would match the ballots, as the newly printed ones would replace the real ballots.

The former governor also claimed that the votes of one of the leading bets in the Senate race were manipulated in the Comelec website to reflect lower numbers.

Cojuangco said her group will continue to expose the alleged anomalies in the voting process, which she said is endangering the country’s democracy.

The presidential aunt accused Palace and military officials of conspiring to commit “electoral fraud” allegedly by manipulating the results of the automated 2013 mid-term polls that made nine Team PNoy candidates win the senatorial race, reported the MST.

Mrs. Cojuangco said election watchdog Isang Bayan, Isang Boto, which she heads, conducted a “discreet investigation” nationwide and had found evidence to prove that the 60-30-10 voting pattern was consistent with the results, which showed Team PNoy candidates getting 60 percent of the total votes cast, the opposition United Nationalist Alliance bets getting 30 percent and the rest of the independent bets sharing the 10 percent.
“The Team PNoy senatorial candidates were digitally elected and the real voters were disenfranchised,” Cojuangco was quoted in the MST story.

She Cojuangco said one of those who most benefited in the fraud was a senatorial candidate who emerged among the top winners in the race.

“My A1 source said the government deliberately made this senator lead the polls,” said Cojuangco who claims to have “many meaningful and good friends” in the Aquino administration.

She said another leading senatorial bet was also pre-programmed to be padded to enable him to land in the 12-slate.

Cojuangco’s votes, she said, had been reduced even in areas considered as her and the opposition’s bailiwicks.
“I love my family, including the President, but I love my country more. I had been fighting for democracy and I cannot be stopped now. I need to expose this fraud so this will not happen again in 2016 presidential elections and all elections after that,” Cojuangco said.

“After these two officials sought the President’s approval for P30 million, a few days later, the Palace announced that a military general has been granted P30 million in intelligence funds,” Cojuangco said in the report.

The other whistleblowers with her said the fraud was carried out by a ranking Commission on Elections official, who issued memorandum and resolutions ordering his subordinates to disregard the safeguards that were put in place by law to protect the results of votes cast that passed through the PCOS (precinct count optical scan) and servers.

“We have sufficient reasons and evidence to believe that the 2013 elections were rigged. That massive and nationwide election cheating happened. That cheating was done using pre-programming of PCOS and servers casting doubts on the integrity of the 2013 elections. That the election results were not credible from the proof I have,” Cojuangco said.

“The winners of the 2013 elections may not have been popularly voted, but may have only been digitally elected. That the popular mandate of proclaimed candidates is questionable,” Cojuangco said.
“The 60-30-10 pattern is not coincidental,” Cojuangco said.

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  1. greg mariano jr says:

    I must admit that this is the first time I’ve read about former Tarlac Gov. Margarita Tingting Cojuangco’s allegations that Pres. Pnoy knew about the “digitally rigged” election, and that the president himself gave P30 million to a ranking official to “clean up and cover up” the alleged election fraud. Please tell me when she herself made these allegations for the first time.

    • jocelyn arevalo says:

      they have family problems nuon pa nag salita na yan na galit daw sa kanila si noynoy pero di naman elaborate ang salita nya basta galit lang sa kanila si noynoy. Merong di pag kakaunawaan lang daw sila. di daw malaman ni Tintin kung bakit galit sa kanila. baka na yun na nga. dahil maaring pinag sabihan dahil tiyuhin ang asawa nyan eh. syempre normal yun

  2. Becker says:

    The Philippines is rigged by the so called leaders of the Nation. Its time for the People to really stand up and tell them enough it enough and let these people who rigged the elections to be removed and the people must elect the right ones. These are not just allegations but really proof of fraudulent actions that need to be rectified through the People Power.

  3. mario santiago ingco says:

    Will this mean erap was the winner and not pinoy?

    • Bobby Bagos says:

      I guess now we are no longer one of the most corrupt country in the world, we must be the number one. Erap can’t be a winner, his numbers are probably rig too, and with all the nasty shit that are now coming out in the open, I think our country just hit bottom. Tsk, tsk, tsk I wonder what’s next? Mother nature hates us with a passion, why else would she sends us all these disasters, God must not understand our language because no matter how much time we spend talking to him he does’nt seem to listen. Talk about being screwed, we’re it.

    • with due indulgence sir, the former governor was referring to the 2013 senatorial elections and not of the 2010 presidential election.

    • asar na asar says:

      just imagine erap lost in all of san juan…

  4. fred rivera says:

    that machine which digitally elected the gang of hoodlums in the senate and congress is called the HOCUS PCOS machine . . . .

  5. Danilo bildan says:

    You can comment, dis agree or agreed, or say anything but with FOI everything will be seen! Promises are clear was broken!

  6. Gene says:

    Tingting’s imagination. This is trash

  7. Leopard Tank says:

    FUNNY ARTICLE! LEt’s investigate who financed & sponsored it. It will definitely lead to the corrupt officials under inveatigation or facing charges today. The write-up & the cast are all shady.

  8. Washington Makiling says:

    In the Philippine election, everybody is a winner. You have the declared winners, and the cheated losers.

  9. asar na asar says:


  10. B. Rocha says:

    Next time don’t vote! Let us just take to the streets and protest.

  11. Juanita says:

    i don’t believe her. why only now?

  12. ned jogar says:

    the comelec has alresdy pre-judged the outcome of the election in favor of the administration even if the counting is still going on , there are some doubts of a rigged election but no one is talking , money of course keeps them silent.

  13. Reggie says:

    There are 6 missing PCOS machines missing printing Bina and Era to win for 2016 election and that Aquinas are aware of this already.

  14. Cita Borromeo-Garcia says:

    Why did tingting Cojuangco not reveal this before? Is she lying now? Was she able to concoct these lies after three years? Or are you so disgusted you and your husband were not appointed to any government position?

  15. teodoro celestial says:

    Words are not enough, Show your evidence…. Even I, I can tell to the whole world that I’m a millioners but, where?, I’m the the owner of all known establishments, and even the place where you standing right now is mine, but the big question is where are the proof? Show your evidence to fortify the fact, so then, we will believe, we don’t want invention nor speculation..or else your a list.

  16. teodoro celestial says:

    Words are not enough, Show your evidence…. Even I, I can tell to the whole world that I’m a millioners but, where?, I’m the the owner of all known establishments, and even the place where you standing right now is mine, but the big question is where are the proof? Show your evidence to fortify the fact, so then, we will believe, we don’t want invention nor speculation..or else your a lier.

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