A pedophile football coach … and on pedophile Catholic priests

A Cup O’ Kapeng Barako
By Jesse Jose

The newspaper headline screams: Sandusky: Guilty On 45 Counts!
When I read in the papers this week that Jerry Sandusky, a retired defensive coach of Penn State University football team, who was once the late Joe Paterno’s assistant coach, was convicted of sexually assaulting several boys for many years, accusations that shattered the clean-cut, goody-goody image of the Penn State University football team, that led to the firings of Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno and the president of the university …
I said aloud to myself, gritting my teeth: “I hope you get the giant, fat-bellied ‘Bubba’ (who enjoys pedophiles for sexual partners), as your cell mate in prison and the keys to your cell thrown away for good.”
I hate pedophiles!  They are the lowliest and filthiest scums of the earth!
Sandusky’s convictions were “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse” on boys, who were ten years old and younger.
One of his victims testified that Sandusky molested him during locker room showers and in hotels, and plying him with gifts so as not to talk about it.  The boy also said Sandusky sent him “creepy love letters.”  What a sick man, I tell ya!
Another spoke of forced oral sex and “rape” in the basement of Sandusky’s home, while his wife was upstairs.  Did his wife know and condone the abuses?  May I ask, what wife wouldn’t know that her husband is a pedophile?
Another said that Sandusky threatened him that he would “never see his parents again” if he told anyone what Sandusky did to him.  This kid also said he bled profusely when Sandusky raped him.
Eight victims came forward and testified what Sandusky did to them.  And all these children were with the Second Mile Program, a charity kuno for “troubled children, who need support and positive human interaction,” that Sandusky founded!  Yun pala, this charity program was a palabigasan of Sandusky, the Sicko, for children that he can molest, abuse and rape!
SEXUAL ABUSES WERE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG: I wonder how many victims did not come forward.  The abuses, molestations and rapes happened over and over, for many, many years.  And from what I’ve read, top management of the football team and of the university itself, knew about it, but they chose to sweep it all under the rug.  
All for the sake of … winning football games and projecting the “Happy Valley” image of this university.  What a farcical image!
PEDOPHILE/PRIESTS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Let me say this first: I’ve said it a couple of times before in my writings that I am a Roman Catholic and I believe in the teachings of my faith.  But I am NOT a blind follower, like many believers of my faith.
This Sandusky story reminds of pedophilia among many priests of the Catholic Church, that were also swept under the rug for many, many years by Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals … and I hate to say it, all the way up to the movers and shakers of Catholicism at the Vatican!  Holy Moses!  Why?
What I heard from ZEALOTS of my faith is this lame excuse: “It’s the sin, not the sinner.”  Jeeez, gimme a break!
CHECK THIS OUT: A survey in 2004 by the John Jay School of Criminal Justice found that 4,392 (and counting) American priests were alleged to have sexually abused young boys and girls, but mostly young boys (it seems that pedophiles have a preference for young boys), under their pastoral care.  More than 500 priests have been convicted so far.  They should all be convicted!  And to hell with all of them!
Where was the outrage and the inquiry then when this HIDEOUS SIN and CRIME practiced within the Catholic Church first surfaced? 
BTW, that number — 4,392 pedophile-priests — was only counted here in America.  What about in other countries, where Catholicism is the dominant religion, like, for instance in the Philippines and in Latin countries?
I betcha, it would be in several thousands, too!  Especially in the Motherland, where priests walk like peacocks, and act and talk like Rizal’s Padre Damaso, and expect the people to be beholden to them. 
A LANDMARK CLERGY-ABUSE CONVICTION: Well, it’s a good thing that for the first time here in America, a Roman Catholic priests/official, named Monsignor William Lynn, in an archdiocese in Pennsylvania (yes, the same state where that Sandusky story happened) was convicted of “child endangerment” in a landmark trial, making it the first US church official branded as a FELON for covering up sexual abuse of children by pedophile-priests.
According to charges, this official/priest “helped his archdiocese keep priest- predators in ministry, and the public in the dark,” by telling parishioners their priests were being removed for “health reasons” and then sending the priests to other churches.  And because of that, more children were abused, molested and raped! 
Can you imagine a priest doing that?  He’s definitely a felon, for perpetuating children abuse by Catholic priests and for protecting those holier-than-thou predators of the Church.  He’s also a filthy scum of the earth!  
Monsignor Lynn and Coach Sandusky should be together in the same prison cell with Bubba, ha?  What do y’all think?  I think Bubba would be in heaven to have two “wives” all to himself that he can abuse, rape and molest.  And truly I hope they bleed and suffer the pain, too, that those innocent children went through.  Because Bubba … is huge.  JJ

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  1. So impassioned an article I might say and rightly so, but the focus now onwards is to plan carefully with experts on how to prevent the occurrence of pedophilia especially among priests and persons of authority. In fact, I sstrongly suggest having a summit of all concerned be held to attack this “genetic disease” which is powerful. All the churches (Islam and Christian) need to take part. Let us treat the pedophile person as a “victim” of the disease and not always a criminal when he succumbs to the power of it. Soon, for non treatment will lead to perpetuation of this crime inflicted on young boys.

    • Muhammad Eisa de Jesus says:

      Pedophilia is not a disease – there is no medical cure for it. It is a disorder of the mind, a sinfulness, of lack of faith in the laws of God. In Islam, the punishment is severe because the sinfulness is severe.Non-Muslims should adopt the right penalties exacted by God in the Qur’an and base them on Divine Laws. If God were to punish the non-repentant pedophile, the punishment is both in this world and in Hell-Fire. The just penalties will prevent further encouragement of the crime. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah! God is All-Merciful, All-Forgiving, but He is also All-Just.

  2. jesse jose says:

    Mr. Joaquin,

    Thank you for your feedback. But may I say that pedophiles are NOT victims of the disease. The “victims” are the innocent children that they prey on.

    This “disease,” as you call it to be, is NOT “genetics disease.” You are WRONG! They know what they do. Though they might be predisposed to committing the crime, they surely can stop themselves from committing this hideous act. They are aware that it is wrong and that it is a crime.

    Also, there’s no cure for this abnormality that you call “disease.” The only way to completely prevent pedophiles from committing this crime is to REMOVE them from society and incarcerate them for the rest of their lives. They are innate criminals, a menace to society and a DANGER to children.

    It is also wrong to “protect” these animals. Like the way the Catholic Church had protected them, by transfering them from one parish to another unsuspecting parish, when they were found out as EVIL predators of children. Thank God that it is now a FELONY in the United States for any priests/officials (bishops, archbishops, cardinals) to hide and protect these predators of the Church.

    Mga pari pa kuno! Pwee! These people are DEMONS! And what’s so truly disgusting about this, is that, there they are, up there, at the altar, celebrating Mass and praising kuno the life and sacrifices of Lord Jesus… To me that’s the height of hypocrisy! And for allowing that predator’s presence up there at the altar is the true definition of HERESY of the Catholic Church. And by law, a FELONY!

    Jesse Jose
    Seattle, WA

    • JJ, disease or not, the people that are engaging in this vile acts must be remove from society permanently. Castrating them would probably the best way to cure them of this urge, but then again, they might just think of something else just to prove how powerful they are against their helpless victims. Just like homosexuality, I’m not sure whether science had already determine whether it’s also a disease or just an urge being attracted to another person with same sexual preference. And since homosexuality are now widely accepted by society, should pedophiles get the same treatment? I hope not, for the sake of their innocent victims. This is the main reason I no longer practice Catholicism because of the hypocrisy in this religion. Once the Vatican finds out the sins of one of their own, just move them to another place so they can continue with their sick urges. They should just lock these people forever and throw away the keys.

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