Vote for Jessica Sanchez for American Idol tonight


Dear Friends and Kababayans:

Jessica Sanchez, our kababayan is one of the three finalists tonight! Jessica needs your support.  Let’s help her win!  She’s the pride of all Filipino around the world and every vote counts!  Even our kababayans in the Philippines and in the 120 countries where OFWs are working can vote.  Click on the links below to find out how you can vote for Jessica!

Let’s support Jessica!  She needs your vote TODAY!


Salamat po,


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via Consul General Rowena Mendoza Sanchez.Attention mga Kababayan in the Philippines: Please vote for Jessica Sanchez on – maximum of 50 votes per person – time of voting should coincide with US showtime schedule (Wednesdays 8PM to 10PM Pacific Standard Time – California)- you only have two hours right after the show to cast you vote online. Salamat ng marami.

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Watch AMERICAN IDOL WED & THU 8/7c only on FOX.

Watch “American Idol” Season 10 Episode 13 tonight and check out the new online voting this year. American idol goes live tonight and there is a new thing in this year’s voting system. The top American show has announced the new voting system: online voting through facebook.

To vote online:

Online voting is available to Facebook account holders. Simply go to and follow the links to vote. Vote online at the end of each performance show. Online voting closes 2 hours after the Hawaii broadcast of a performance show. During the vote window, you will see a ‘vote’ button. When you click on the ‘vote’ button you will be directed to a Facebook login page where you will need to enter your e-mail address and password to log in (if you are not already logged in to Facebook). If you do not currently have a Facebook account you will not be able to vote online unless you create a new account (but you can still vote via toll-free and if you are an AT&T; subscriber you can also vote via AT&T; Text Messaging). Once you successfully log in using your Facebook account you will be prompted to select the contestant for whom you want to vote and complete a ‘CAPTCHA’ and click ‘vote’. A CAPTCHA is a security measure which requires you to enter the scrambled letters/numbers you see on your screen. If you do not correctly enter the CAPTCHA information you will be prompted to try again. If you successfully submit your vote, you will receive a page which thanks you for your vote, asks you if you want to post your vote to your Facebook page and if you want to vote again. Note, you are not required to post to your Facebook page, this is just an optional feature offered.

You may vote up to 50 times per performance show. Any additional votes you cast or attempt to cast above this limit will NOT count.

If you are experiencing trouble with any of the three vote methods, remember that you can always try another voting method.

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  1. marilyn donato says:

    I was visiting San Diego, CA last week and was so pleased to see a huge billboard to vote for Jessica Sanchez!!! MABUHAY ANG FILIPINAS!!!!

  2. Richard S. Del Valle says:


  3. Anna says:

    May extra charge po ba kapag nag vote for Jessica suing Magicjack?

  4. GLORIA L. ROLLON says:


  5. Samuel says:

    I believe Jessica Sanchez has it , she has the voice , ask the guys to hit the high notes , Jessica Im from Jordan Sparks home town , they thought she wouldnt make it , now look at her , Good Luck Jessica , Samuel

  6. perry says:

    Jessica made it to the Finale!!

    The Pinoy votes did it again!

    Make sure to vote for her in the Finale.


  7. Maryrosebud says:

    Yes, Yes, vote for Jessica. The nuanes of her voice are so original – she is the best singer since Carrie. Enough with the white boy wonders with the cute smiles – let’s vote for someone who can really sing and elevate the American Idol Brand as truly the show who picks the most talented singer.

  8. honestyaboveall says:

    I am a Filipino living in the Philippines, and I like Jessica. But if we are NOT from the US and we still vote, then our votes are illegitimate. This is NOT fair. Jessica deserves to win WITHOUT cheat votes.

  9. garahe says:

    american idol is a popularity contest, we all know jessica can sing but what she needs are our votes, so get out there and VOTE! so we can have the youngest female AMERICAN IDOL who is a filipina! make our country proud JESSICA!

  10. victoria gutierrez says:

    Jesssica is awesome she deserves to win! we love u Jessica!

  11. victoria gutierrez says:

    We Filipinos are all proud of u Jessica!

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