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  1. Rex Q. Garcia ME / PE says:

    By all means CJ Corona MUST testify and answer all questions about his peso and dollar accounts in the bank. Its highly suspicious now that Renato Corona requested a TRO for his dollar accounts to hide any properties he purchased here in USA. Recent news articles from Sun Star Manila indicates a possibilities of properties being owned by Renato Corona and his siblings inTampa Florida , Mountain View and Roseville California. The Philippine government should pursue an investigation to verify the truth about the true identity of Renato Corona’s alleged three properties he owns here in USA.

  2. Romeo Sirate says:

    I know it to be true that people living in the same country or even different countries could have the same exact names and even birth dates. But Corona having a namesake here in the US should’nt really be a surprise because of the large population of hispanics living here. But what is surprising about this story are the names of the children, their ages and even the wife’s name, it matches that of Corona’s. The prosecution team should pursue the possibility of this story being authentic and with certified documents provided by the US throw it in the faces of Coronas defense and get this show over with. There’s a strong possibility that most of Corona’s lawyers if not all, are aware of this story to be true and doing their best to conceal it from this impeachment court and the Filipino people. The truth will reveal itself, it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully soon.

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