Balitang Kutsero: 20 Stories (Now available at Amazon)

Book Description

Publication Date: January 10, 2012

Perry Diaz is the publisher of Global Balita, a daily online newsmagazine, and the author of this famous Balitang Kutsero, a collection of political anecdotes about the Philippines and Filipinos in general. He started Balita in 1987 as a community newsletter. Over the years, his commentaries and viewpoints have become increasingly popular with Pinoys in the United States, Philippines and abroad. In 2003, Perry started Perryscope about his opinion articles. Today, Perryscope expanded into Global Balita that includes selected commentaries by others, news and features from variety of respected sources. As a satirical book, all stories in Balitang Kutsero are serialized in Global Balita. They are totally fictional that brings to life such funny invented narrations by Perry for the enjoyment of all. Any similarities to real characters are coincidental.


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