‘Coronarroyo’ must inhibit from Gloria cases (Video)

Protesters: ‘Coronarroyo’ must inhibit from Gloria cases

Protests coincided with the third day of oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The Bantay Gloria Network wants Chief Justice Renato Corona to inhibit from the case of his former boss, calling him “Coronarroyo.” Ayee Macaraig reports. Nov. 29, 2011. Like www.facebook.com/move.ph and follow@moveph on Twitter. 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO >> ‘Coronarroyo’ must inhibit from Gloria cases

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  1. Fernando Habito says:

    With Renato Corona as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court plus the 10 justices appointed by Gloria Arroyo the country shows to the world that there is NO justice in the Philippines.The constitution and justice system can easily manipulated by a single person..La la la Gloria!

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