Did Rick Perry fly over the cuckoo’s nest?

By Perry Diaz

It was a crazy week to begin with.  But it got crazier when two Republican presidential wannabes – frontrunner Herman Cain and previous frontrunner Rick Perry – got themselves whammied!

Perry’s bizarre behavior during his speech at a fund-raiser in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 28, 2011 raised eyebrows and made people wonder if he was drunk or high on drugs.  For 25 minutes he acted like a stand-up comedian making a fool of himself.  His full speech was posted on YouTube under the headline, “Is Rick Perry drunk???” Instantly, the video went viral in the Internet and shown repeatedly in the cable newsrooms.

El Loco Desperado

What caused Perry to go bananas?  Could it be that he flew over the cuckoo’s nest on his way to Manchester?   Just the idea that “he flew over the cuckoo’s nest” would send chills up and down the spines of Americans.   Americans want a President who can be entrusted with the nuclear button.

With a plummeting approval rating from a high of 37% two months ago to 6% today – Perry is desperately looking for ways to regain his frontrunner status.  He even trekked to Trump Land and sought the advice of the “Donald,” who told him about birthism.  And soon after, Perry resurrected the issue on the birth certificate of President Barack Obama.  Not only did he look like a fool but prominent Republicans like Karl Rove who said, “You associate yourself with a nutty view like that, and you damage yourself,” also criticized him.

But when Perry’s foray into birthism did not kindle public interest, he delved into Obama’s college grades.  How low could he get?  None of the 43 American presidents before Obama was ever asked to produce his college grades!  This just shows that Perry is turning out to be — as they say it in Texas — El Loco Desperado.

But to put things on the level, Obama’s scholastic achievement is par excellence.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude at Harvard Law School.  That’s the “Harvard” that every wannabe lawyer wants to get in.  According to the Harvard Law School Website, he was awarded to the top 10% of Harvard Law School students.  He was also “accepted as one of 85-90 Editors of the Harvard Law Review, out of an estimated 1,000 students from the 2L and 3L classes that might have sought this honor.”  He was also “elected President of the Law Review, which according to a Harvard Law spokesperson is not based at all on academics, but on other measures as would occur in any club.”

So, what’s in the horizon for Rick Perry? His 20/20 flat tax rate is as flat as the Earth when it was still flat.  Yep, there are still people who believe that the Earth is flat and they have a tendency to embrace weird beliefs like birthism.  And with the “Donald” as the birthers’ High Priest, it’s going to be an exciting presidential race in 2012… that is, if Perry wins the Republican presidential primary.

Triple whammy hit Cain

Recently, at just about the same time that Perry has gone ape, three allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain suddenly came out.  He spent the days since struggling to find a way to wiggle out of a nasty situation.  But he is like a person with his feet tied together and pulled up from behind with a rope attached to his neck like a noose.  Every time he moved, the rope would tighten around his neck and choke him.  And if he continued to deny these sexual allegations, it would likely encourage his victims to come out and expose what he did to them.  It’s better for him come out now and admit to his wrongdoings, apologize to his victims, fold his campaign, and exit into the kinder unknown, silently.

Flippin’ and Floppin’ Mitt

If there’s one person who’s tickled pink with Cain’s alleged serial sexcapades, it’s Mitt Romney, who is not far behind Cain in the polls.  But Romney’s problems cannot be resolved easily; not when there is a perception that he’s not a conservative Republican.  He’s a RINO — that is, Republican In Name Only.

When he was governor of Massachusetts, the bastion of New England liberalism, he had to embrace liberal values like pro-choice and support for gay rights, same-sex marriage, and civil unions.

But since then, as Romney started eyeing the presidency, he flip-flopped on these issues and slowly began to promote conservative hard-core principles against abortion and gay rights.

But there are two major issues that could really derail his presidential bid: the Massachusetts universal health care — deridingly called “RomneyCare” — and his religion, Mormon.

Many Republicans are of the belief that RomneyCare is the same as ObamaCare, which is the one single wedge issue that the Republicans could use to defeat Obama.  Romney is trying very hard to convince the people that RomneyCare is different from ObamaCare.  But the more he denied the relationship between RomneyCare and ObamaCare, the more the two adhered to each other like Siamese twins.  In a lot of people’s minds, the two have already been co-joined into one, ObamneyCare.

If Romney becomes the Republican standard bearer, then the issue of ObamaCare cannot be used against Obama… unless Romney would spend all his time in the campaign trail trying to convince people that ObamaCare is not the same as RomneyCare.  Gee, that would be like trying to tell the difference between a Bengal Tiger and a Sumatran Tiger. A tiger is a tiger.

Obama is looking good

With the three top Republican contenders carrying a lot of excess baggage into the primary season, which begins in Iowa in January, do any of the second-tier and bottom-dwellers have a chance of moving up in the race?

It is interesting to note that Obama’s approval rating this month went up to 47% compared to 41% last month.  And in the recent one-on-one match-up with the Republicans, Obama beats them all, with Romney showing the best chance of beating Obama.

The question is: Would Romney be able to get the support of the Christian conservatives and convince them that his religion is not going to be a hindrance in pursuing hard-core Christian conservative values?

One thing that I know about Christian conservatives is that if they don’t like their Republican nominee, they’d stay home and not vote at all.  But by not voting at all, they’re actually voting for Obama by default.  But mindset is a mindset.  Once it’s set, it’s set for life.


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  1. joe carrasco says:


    Very good piece on the Republican desperadoes. Even Chris Rock may have a better chance against Obama now.

    thanks, joeC

    • perry says:

      Hi Joe,

      Welcome back! You must really have a fun time cruising. I’m jealous. With Cain out pretty soon, the Republicans are now looking for the “Great Black Hope” to beat Obama cuz only another black could defeat Obama. The Republicans love Obama so much that they only want another black to replace him. Seriously, some Republican big shots would rather keep Obama in the White House than support Mitt Romney. It’s turning out that they hate Romney more than Obama. Actually, Obama is more conservative than Romney.

  2. Mac Flores, Jr. says:

    Should Romney end up as the Republican presidential candidate, it will be a good debate between a Mormon and a liberal Mulim-Christian re-electionist.

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