Mayor Sara Duterte villain or hero!!!

View from a point
By Mark Alegre

Pilipinos are getting matured or immature due to the issue of law and order, impropriety, abuse of authority and power in the instance of the “I punch the sheriff” in broad daylight, with media present and displayed arrogance after the fact in CNN and global media coverage.

We have yet to see how the administration react to such disregard for authority. No amount of rationalization would wash away the act of violence displayed in a callous manner and worse when vice-mayor Rodrigo Duterte her father said: “he would have kick the ass of sheriff Abe Andres” and does have a qualm if her daughter lost her job or debarred.

I can’t but lament such displayed behavior, this actuations and abuse of authority breeds the likes of Ampatuan mass massacre, salvage perpetuated by either NPA or Military, this is not acceptable in a decent society.

Thus with all due respect; I think the jury system should be in place in the Philippine justice system for the people to decide base on all the issue of law tempered with compassion. The time has come to install such a process to let the people decide in matters of law, to preserve equal treatment under the law of the land.

The recent assault of Kalinga Governor Baac on a Talk show in a radio booth with bodyguard just illustrate the point I am trying to make that matwid na daan is yet too far to accomplish because of our damage psyche of indifference where we the people have been cultured to be judge and executioner sans the rule of law…. Law is thwarted and nothing change.

We the people are in the crux of self determination, abuses; lapses of authority displayed from the top then as allege now proven that former president Arroyo made the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office her pork barrel purse, and the involvement of bishops just illustrate that moral decadence had stoop low to impunity.

When such incident of abuse comes from the top and seemingly condon by prelates and servants of God, then a trend is cast and the people are bewildered to follow the leaders, the thieves become bolder, the crimes, more heinous, sweep under rag and nothing change.

We the people support the president, and his promise to “matwid na daan”. His lead is the way to go, be it may let the head roll when the hatchet may fall to give sample that nobody is above the law.

You have been mandated with trust and overwhelmingly favored to lead the way,… the law is clear for friend and foe, it must prevail otherwise how far can abuse be tolerated. e.g. Ampatuan massacre, murder for hire, salvage, assault on media practitioners.

I quiver about the thought of kings and queens that lost their head in gallows of old but such remedied abuses even from the top, the laws prevailed, the common folks quiver to the wrath of the law but loved it,….. everyone was treated the same as their leaders, protected equally under the law, the nation and the people became the protector and preserver of peace and justice and what them want themselves to be subject too became the rule, beacon light and equalizer for the transition of a peaceful civilization even to this day.

When everyone makes the law supreme, a just society evolves, that is the real change we expect from our leaders, lead us and we will follow.

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