Good job Jojo

By Perry Diaz
Global Balita

Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay’s recommendation to bury the remains of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos with “full military honors” in his home province of Ilocos Norte, not at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery), is the best solution to President Benigno Aquino III’s dilemma.  It’s an equitable compromise considering that it has divided the people in half between those who oppose his burial at the Libingan and those who believe that he deserves to be buried in a place reserved for heroes.

Given that one half of those who responded to an SWS survey believed that he was a hero and the other half believed that he was not a hero, it would have been a no-win situation for Binay. However, if Binay were King Solomon, he would have done something similar to what King Solomon had done to resolve the issue of the two mothers claiming the same baby: “Cut the body in half and bury one part at the Libingan and the other part in Ilocos Norte.”

Those who opposed the burial at the Libingan would probably say, “Go ahead and cut the body in half and bury one half at the Libingan and give the other half to the Marcos family.”  But the Marcos family would most likely say,  “Never!  We’d rather bury his whole body in Ilocos Norte than desecrate his remains!”

Indeed, Binay’s recommendation has a “Solomonic” effect.  While he denied Marcos a hero’s burial at the Libingan, he was willing to give him “full military honors,” which Marcos deserved for serving his country as an officer during World War II.  It’s a win-win situation… and nobody would lose face.

In my article, “Brouhaha over Marcos Burial” (Global Balita, April 26, 2011), I wrote: “A burial in Ilocos Norte would certainly put a closure to an issue that has been lingering and ‘haunting’ the nation for more than two decades.  Superstitious Filipinos believe that the ghost of a deceased who’s not given proper burial would roam the earth until his or her remains were laid to rest.

“It’s about time the Marcos family bury their deceased patriarch in a place where the Ilocanos — who love and revere him as their most venerable ‘Apo’ — would honor him.  He deserved no less.”

President Aquino should approve Binay’s recommendation and convey this to the Marcos family himself.  It’s time for closure.  It’s also time for us to move forward and leave behind – but never forget – that sad episode in our history.

And to Vice President Binay, I must say: “Congratulations for a job well done.  Very presidential, indeed.”

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  1. Ike says:

    I don’t why this is even an issue. PNoy just wants somebody to make the decision for him on this one, washes his hands clean. The Marcoses should have been allowed back to the country for all and everything the conjugal dictators did!

  2. PHILIP says:

    VNay for President1 He’s more macho and more intelligent than PeNoy.

  3. Mitzi Pickard says:

    Hi Perry,

    Well-said, well-articulated & well-written! Exactly my sentiments! Why this issue was even raised in the first place is beyond me? The Batasan and PNoy shouldn’t have even entertained such an idea in the first place! I mean why in the world did the son of Ninoy–who was assassinated by Marcos cronies and thugs–even think of raising the issue for discussion, debate and deliberation.

    In my mind, PNoy should have been firm and resolute from the beginning, and denied the request/petition outright. And now– who’s looking presidential but the VP, as you said! Not the President!!!

    So President Aquino–moving forward–be the President that you should be! Show us your balls (figuratively of ‘cors) and show us who is in charge! You’re the man–go for it!!!

    Best Regards,

  4. Adelbert Batica says:

    They can even bury him with 50 gun salutes for all I care, as long as he’s buried in Ilocos, not at the Libingan!

  5. Apollodr says:

    The inaction of Pnoy in making a decision on simple matters is telling. What would you expect from a President who threatens “heads will roll” on every government brohaha yet shows no backbone in reality?

  6. Perry

    I agree to all comments and more of Mitzi’s comments. Passing the buck to VP Binay clearly spells weakness of P Noy’s leadership and poor integrity in the office of the president. It appears now that Binay looks more presidential and very brave and shows that he is in charge. For sure this will again jack up his rating and popularity and will tends to lower P Noy’s rating. Kudos to you Mr. Vice President Binay for your ” Solomonic ” intelligent decision . Job well done. Mabuhay si Vice President Binay. Binay for president on next oncoming presidential election ! !

    Rex G. ME/PE Rocklin CA.

  7. Mac Flores, Jr. says:


    I think delegating an authority to someone (Binay) to do a recommendatory job is one of management principles that P-Noy exercised as president. I don’t see anything wrong there.

    As responsible president, P-Noy can now decide for the good of the country with fairness and less misunderstanding because the Marcos family agreed already on the recommendation.


    After the burial, I suggest to P-Noy to create a special body/committee to review the burial criteria and present administration of Libingan ng mga Bayani, for recommendatory purposes.

    This is to prevent similar burial issue should the family insist to bury the remains of the departed who turn out to be a controversial figure.

  8. Maria Jo Farina says:

    Put this issue to rest already. Bury Marcos anywhere but the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.
    Good job for the present VP. He is not wishy washy.

  9. Mike Sayat says:

    I think Binay did a good job.He satisfied all parties with his solomonic solution.He is more Presidentiable than Penoy.Time to move on.Bury the issue with Macoy’s burial in Ilocos.Congratulation Binay.

  10. don azarias says:


    I think VP Jejomar Binay’s stock should rise because of his courageous move. He proved himself to be a very decisive man and did it from a position of strength. He has the attributes of a strong leader and worthy of being the next president of the Philippines.

    Another stupid move by PNoy and his advisers. What were they thinking? Let their heads roll!


  11. PHILIP says:

    Come to think of it, why should the Marcos family even want to bury their hero? He looks fresh and handsome in his glass crypt and they should allow hm to remain there for all time, just like what the Soviets did to Lenin and Stalin.

    This episode is a feather in the cap of VNay but a wet blanket for PeNoy. The former is a tunay na lalaki (may magandang GF pa dati) and the latter proves he is really bakla. Inaayawan ng mga babae na tulad ni Korina na bagay na bagay na FL sana. Notice how he handles his personnel moves in his admin, with heehaw and ambivalence.

    Unwittingly, he even made the ratings of VNay shoot up at his expense. His rah-rah squad will have problems explaining to him whY.

  12. Eby Sarte says:

    I. Am just glad the case is over May his soul rest in peace.

  13. donalberO says:

    Good action by Binay. Do not forget, Binay became a multi millionaire while in office as a Makati mayor. How can a poor pinoy before being a mayor became a wealthy after serving as a mayor, Mahina lang ang sweldo ng mayor not in the millions per year.

    May Marcos soul rest in hell. Baka pati sa hell di tatanggapin dahil baka magdeclare the marital law doon at alisin niya puwesto si Satanas.

  14. frank says:

    Don’t let it happen PNOY! Will just have to exhume later as it was done to Stalin. same-same

  15. Romeo Sirate says:

    This matter should never have been an issue if this despicable family were never allowed to return to the Philippines in the first place. They were kicked out of the country because of the evil things that he did to the country and the lives of many Filipinos, now his family are back in the business of politics and probably eyeing the same office that he was ousted from. His hometown would be the appropriated place for him to be buried, put him six feet under and get it over with. Just make sure that his name remains in the history of our country as one of the worst president and let the future generation be reminded of his evil deeds.

  16. Pat Talens says:

    Let us be careful when we throw too much dirt on the late President Marcos and his family. Indeed, the country is polarized—half against him and much the same in supporting and giving accolade to his being head of state of the country. Ang sabi nga nila: “Whoever has not sinned may cast the first stone”.

    Let us be careful too when asserting he got the worst presidency in the annals of Philippine history. This, I’ll argue and will not recognize; it’s a false statement of history, indeed.

  17. Moncatar M. says:

    The burial of our late president, Honorable Ferdinand E. Marcos in his hometown is more honorable for his soul than burying in a cemetery which already entomb with undesirable souls.

    The libingan ng mga bayani already lost its prestige. If I am a government official with huge connections, I will leave a well testament, stating: after my death no one will nominate me as a hero and my body will not be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay, congratulation for your wise and convincing power. To the Marcos family, may God the almighty forgive our shortcomings most especially for our late president, honorable Ferdinand E. Marcos. May his soul rest in peace.

    To the web moderator please disregard my first comment.


  18. UC2GO says:

    “”In his very last news conference as outgoing President, Fidel Ramos told reporters that the Marcos family broke one of the three preconditions they had agreed to in exchange for bringing Ferdinand Marcos’ remains to the Philippines.
    “I authorized the return of the remains of the late president under certain conditions,” Ramos said on June 24, 1998 on the eve of his transfer of presidential power to President-elect Joseph Estrada.””
    “Ramos, a cousin of Ferdinand Marcos, said his first condition was that the body not stop over in Manila but be flown directly to Ilocos. That was fulfilled.”
    “”The second precondition was that during Marcos’ burial in Ilocos, “he (would) be given the honors befitting a major of the armed forces,” Ramos said. The Marcoses in effect agreed that their father would be denied state honors.
    That, too, was fulfilled, Ramos said. Which was why Marcos’ remains were not given a 21-gun salute but those of a middle-level military officer. The rank of major was the highest rank Marcos claimed being promoted to during the Second World War.
    But the last precondition – a quick burial – was never fulfilled, Ramos disclosed five years after the Marcoses broke their promise on this issue.”
    “Seeing that the Marcoses gave their promise to a President of the Republic of the Philippines. And that promise remains unfulfilled. Can’t the incumbent Philippine President just collect on that burial promise?” –

    Why indeed!!! Why did’nt Binay do his research or even if he did, why did he polish his recommendation in favor of the Marcos family? Why can’t P-Noy demand from the family the fulfillment of their promise? Marcos was already given honors, why are they asking for more honors? Does that not tell you something? That you can never satisfy greed?

    Why? Because that frozen body in Batac is holding the country hostage. It is still acting as a de facto dictator using his family and his cronies as his agents. They even have God under their control pulling his ears so he will bless their plan making it the “divine plan”.

    What is the point of Christianity or of Christ dying in the cross if we cannot hang all our sins in that cross so we can go and sin some more?

    Marcos broke the circle of decency and justice for all Filipinos. And the Marcos family, their cronies, and their beneficiaries want to keep it broken so they can continue harvesting the plundered spoils of war their ‘hero’ bequeathed them.

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