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‘A Pajero with a Motor Vehicle Number of a motorcycle? If, in fact, Virginia Torres has a reasonable explanation for all these, she should come out with it – calmly, clearly and unemotionally. She owes her friend, who appointed her, at least that much.’

LET’S get it right. Just as there was never a Kamaganak, Inc. during the time of President Cory Aquino, there is no such thing as a Kaibigan, Inc. in the time of President Noynoy Aquino. Take my word for it. I was in the Cory regime and those who did their work as professionals never had to deal with her relations. When they did, they were treated with diffidence.

These are hallucinations of fevered minds of those who have been bitten by the green-eyed monster. What is dreadful in this administration, however, is that of all the jobs that must be filled in his government, he has made too few appointments. Going into his ninth month, he still works with mostly appointees of the previous administration. When will PNoy have a government that he can call his own?

Considering that there are so few of them, the President’s appointees/kaibigans ought to steer clear of conduct unbecoming of a friend of the President. Accusations ought to be answered clearly, calmly, logically and unemotionally.

When embattled LTO Chief Virginia Torres runs amok, pointing fingers at everyone in sight except at herself after the exposè on her involvement in at least the falsification of documents in registering vehicles, Torres cried on television, visited the offices of the paper that did the exposè, texted the President and announced to the world that she had discussed the matter with him “by text.” In doing all these, she did her friend no good.

She accused the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) of “authorizing” the registration in a pathetic effort to save herself for transactions that had her signature on them. Does the HPG “authorize” the LTO to register vehicles?

Torres claims that the Pajero was registered in 1999 when Luciano Llanilo was still LTO District Office head. Torres became LTO District Office head only in 2003. How could the falsification be pinned on her?

But, that just ain’t so. The HPG report is very clear: the Pajero’s registration is under the name of a certain Dimpsy Yap of Upper Tomay, La Trinidad, Benguet. The certificate of registration (CR) is dated March 3, 2009, processed/issued by the LTO Tarlac and duly signed by Virginia Torres as the LTO Tarlac District Head.

The Pajero was parked in Baguio, in a way that obstructed a road. When the HPG came on the scene, the officers noticed that the model indicated in the Certificate of Registration did not match the actual Pajero. On investigation, the HPG discovered in its macro-etching exam at the Regional Crime Laboratory, Camp Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet that the engine and the chassis numbers had not been tampered with.

Further investigation, however, revealed that the registration was officially in the name of a certain Josefina Razon of Victoria, Tarlac; but the Pajero vehicle was registered not in Tarlac but in Roxas, Isabela. HPG then contacted LTO Roxas (Isabela) and discovered that the file number of the Pajero was indeed officially issued to said Razon. However, the file number was for the registration – not of a Pajero – but of a Honda motorcycle!

How did a motorcycle registration suddenly come to be converted to a Pajero registration?

The following facts then came to light:

1. While the standard followed in cases of transfer of venue is that a Request for Confirmation is first made to verify that the vehicle is registered with the original venue, no such request was made by Torres/LTO Tarlac. So, at the very least, Torres was negligent in not asking for the original papers of the Pajero. Had she gone through the simple process of requesting LTO Roxas for confirmation, there would have been no anomaly. Or, considering her tears and highly emotional response, did she commit her errors deliberately?

2. The plate, issued by LTO Tarlac, was a special personalized plate: RJP 111. LTO Tarlac has no authority to issue such license plates. So, who gave Torres the authority to issue such a plate number?

3. The CR indicated a model 1990 but the reading plate of the Pajero attached to it showed it to be a 1998 model.

The HPG then concluded that based on this investigation, at the very least, the records of the Honda motorcycle registered under the name of a Josefina Razon of Victoria Tarlac were maliciously or feloniously falsified by LTO Tarlac and then willfully transferred to accommodate the subject Mitsubishi Pajero. Authenticated documents purporting to be copies of original documents of the Pajero were then issued although no such original documents exist at the LTO of origin – LTO Roxas, Isabela.

A Pajero with a Motor Vehicle Number of a motorcycle? If, in fact, Virginia Torres has a reasonable explanation for all these, she should come out with it — calmly, clearly and unemotionally. She owes her friend, who appointed her to the position, at least that much. She should not expect him to protect her. In fact, if she cannot explain, she should offer to resign. That’s the least she can do for her friend, the President.

What she has no right to expect is that the President, as her friend, will go out of his way to save her. A President who travels on the straight and narrow path needs no friends who require assistance at every turn.


Beginning today, “Diretsahan ni Ducky Paredes” which has been around since 1992, will be on Radio Station DWSS, 1494 on your AM dial from 10:30 to 11:00 am, after which Ruben Ilagan will be on from 11:00 to 11:30. Since someone had previously contracted for Tuesday and Thursday for the 10:30 to 11:00 slot. I will be on the air only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until March 17 (a memorable date for me since my father died with President Magsaysay on March 17, 1957 in a plane crash in Cebu). From then on, “Diretsahan ni Ducky Paredes” will be on – Mondays to Fridays. 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.

All of the broadcasters from DZXQ, which was mysteriously closed down (for six months) by whoever now owns it, met Monday morning and decided to engage lawyers who will assist us all in getting what is due us from the precipitous action of the new owners.

We expect at least a measure of regularity from the owners of the radio stations that we deal with. By suddenly depriving us of a medium for communications despite our long association with DZXQ, clearly, the shut down did actionable injury to each of us. Our lawyers will soon be contacting DZXQ to inform both the new and previous owners what action we are taking against them.


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  1. Romeo Sirate says:

    In 2005 my wife and I decided to live in the Philippines for several months to prepare ourselves for a possible retirement in our country. We wanted to buy a car and opted to buy a used one, my wife’s cousin told us that she knew someone who sells mostly used vehicles as a “sideline”. We met with her friend and he brought several vehicles for us to look at, one vehicle that got my attention was this Mitsubishi Mini Pajero, I asked the seller what year the vehicle was and told me that it was a 2003 model. Right away I got suspicious because when I inspected the interior of the vehicle the data plate indicated that the vehicle’s manufacture date was 1999. I asked the seller for the registration paper and it showed that it was a 2003 model. I asked him how come the data plate indicated 1999 as the date of manufacture, he could’nt give me an answer. To make my story short, we ended up not buying any vehicle from him because I think he was trying to sell us a stolen vehicle.

  2. Air Max says:

    Ha, that? Truly a Genuinely high-minded suggestion. Many thanks so much conducive to this!

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