Psy-war Over Fake Noynoy Psych Report

by Perry Diaz

Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  By these words, Goebbels pursued his work for the Nazis and became the undisputed master of psychological warfare — psy-war for short — during World War II. Indeed, following World War II, psy-war has become an integral part of warfare, whether it’s military or political.

With the advent of the Internet, political psy-war has taken a pivotal — and deadly — role in determining the outcome of elections. Niccolo Machiavelli said more than 600 years ago, “The end justifies the means.” It was true then, it’s truer today.

With the presidential elections less than a month away, campaigning among the nine presidential candidates, particularly the top two contenders, has reached fever pitch and the psy-war is getting more intense — and nastier — every day.

Fake psychological report

On April 8, 2010, a psychiatric report was posted on a blogsite, http://political, which says that presidential candidate, Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, has psychological problems and other disabilities. It was written on the letterhead of the Ateneo de Manila Psychology Department and signed by Fr. Carmelo “Tito” Caluag. Instantly, the document took a life of its own and spread virally in the Internet.Meanwhile, ABS-CBN Network received two copies of the report which it claimed originated from two separate individuals associated with the Nacionalista Party. The network contacted Fr. Caluag to verify the report’s authenticity. Fr. Caluag vehemently denied that he authored the report saying that he wasn’t a psychologist or psychiatrist. He said that his signature must have been lifted from other documents.

Ateneo’s Psychology Department also issued a statement saying that the report was “fallacious.” The statement said, “Department faculty or professionals had never assessed Aquino. Father Caluag, who is not a psychologist or psychiatrist, was never affiliated with the department.”

Noynoy, when shown the psychiatric report by ABS-CBN reporter Ces Orena-Drilon, who was with Noynoy on the campaign trail, laughed it off. Orena-Drilon said: “He spoke openly – no PR spin, no consultations – and denied the document’s authenticity.” After ABS-CBN Network completed its investigation of the psychiatric report, it deemed the report a hoax. Indeed, given that Noynoy and Caluag denied the report, only one veritable conclusion can be drawn: the psychiatric report on Noynoy is fake.

Villar’s attack

That could have been the end of the attempt to destroy Noynoy. But as it turned out it was only the beginning. Noynoy’s closest rival, Sen. Manny Villar took a direct participation in casting doubt on Noynoy’s mental fitness to lead the country. Villar challenged Noynoy to “undergo a psychiatric test and other medical exams to prove his sanity and fitness to become Chief Executive.” Villar said that he’s willing to take “a comprehensive physical and mental examination in order to ascertain (our) fitness to occupy the highest office of the land.” And rubbing it in, Villar mockingly said, “There’s a far more dangerous scenario than the blind leading the blind, and that is for a mentally challenged person to lead a nation of millions.” Are these the words of someone who wants to lead a nation?

In an email message, columnist Rodel Rodis said: “Manny Villar has copied LBJ who once famously told his aides to spread the nasty rumor that his senate opponent in his Texas race had f**ked pigs. When the aides protested that it wasn’t true, LBJ laughed and said ‘Yeah but I want the SOB to come out and deny it to the press.’ ”

In my opinion, Villar’s action was an incontrovertible proof that he had a hand in the fabrication of the fake psychiatry report. It’s already been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the report was bogus, yet Villar used it to launched a below-the-belt attack on Noynoy. It now appears that the fake psych report’s only purpose was to open the road for a stealthy blitzkrieg attack at Noynoy’s rear knowing that a frontal attack — or even a Hail Mary attack at his flanks — would fail against Noynoy’s formidable defenses.

But Noynoy was prepared for Villar’s attack. Yesterday, he responded to Villar: “Why not a test on who is lying between us?” At a press conference, Noynoy said: “Pasensyahan na lang (I’m sorry), but I won’t agree to that (psychiatric test). But I have no problem with a lie detector test and lifestyle check.” Noynoy then claimed that “Villar himself needed a mental health examination for insisting on a bogus report.” He asked, “Isn’t sanity about accepting reality? There is a fake report where all those who have been [mentioned] in it have claimed it was fake and yet he will insist that I answer that?” And to deliver his point, he said that he was “willing to escort Villar to a mental hospital for the lie detector test.” Touché.Noynoy’s counter-attack


With Noynoy’s counter-attack, Villar’s psy-war is coming back at him like a boomerang missing it’s target. And with all the unexplained issues against Villar — C-5 road extension corruption scandal, Norzagaray land-grabbing, Savannah illegal land conversion, San Pedro land-grabbing, and a slew of other issues including “faking poverty,” fake land titles, and now fake psych report, Villar’s credibility and integrity is now the front-burning issue that could make or unmake him. With only three weeks left in the campaign and double-digit behind Noynoy in poll surveys, Villar faces a crucial battle that could either catapult him to power or meet his Waterloo.

Villar’s wife, Congresswoman Cynthia Villar, once said that “they have never lost an election and they certainly have no intention of losing this one.” Indeed, they have so much wealth that they are convinced that they could buy the presidency. But short of cheating at the polls, nobody can buy the presidency today. The people are now more informed and savvy than at any time in the past.

At the end of the day, it’s not money, faking poverty or faking psychiatric reports that clinches the presidency, it’s the character of the candidate. And character is something that nobody can fake, it’s intrinsic in the individual. And that’s what will win the presidency. 

Had Villar taken the high road and put an end to the fake psych report, he would have washed his hands of any complicity and would have earned the trust and respect of the voters, perceived as a statesman and a true leader. It would have been the turning point of his falling campaign and propel him to the finish line ahead of the pack… and clinch the presidency. Instead, Villar took charge and led the psy-war against Noynoy thinking that he if he succeeded, he would have taken personal satisfaction in delivering the coup de grace himself.

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  1. Jess Guim says:

    It only shows that Villar knows a better tactic than his opponents. As a President of the Republic, you should have deeper ideas of what you see and read. You should have indepth analysis of your moves and your opponent’s moves – psywar approach is just one strategy. Now, the question is how would Noynoy cope with these tactics? When he said, he didin’t want to undergo psychiatric test, he’s telling the public that he’s hiding something on his psychiatric condition. And while the report may be fake. But it was a way of extracting the truth on the psychiatric condition of Noynoy. Now, what better tactic can Noynoy use to counter this intellegent move of Villar? Nothing. Because Noynoy is actually trapped in this fake report. Now, he can’t hide his mental condition – good or bad. And if he denies having a test, then, he’s hiding something about himself.

    • perry says:

      Hi Jess,

      Right now, Villar is looking like a fool. Noynoy put him on the defensive: Why not take a lie detector test? If the two of them would subject to a lie detector test, then it’s going to be far-reaching because there’s nothing that would prevent Noynoy from asking questions on the C-5 road extension scandal, Norzagaray land-grabbing, Savannah illegal land conversion, San Pedro land-grabbing and a slew of other issues about lying, faking, fabricating, and stealing.

      So far, Villar has not accepted Noynoy’s challenge. hmmm…


  2. Carmen Hernandez says:

    You said it all! Thank you. Mameng

  3. perry says:

    The best thing to do at this time is to bring to court this Father Carmelo “Tito” Caluag. Let him bring to court who ever put his name as the maker of the report. This will be a very good defense for Noynoy. This will also stop the lies that Villar is doing.

    M. Musico
    (Sent by email)

  4. perry says:

    Para mapatunayan kung totoo ang mga paniniwala ng bawat kampo, tuluyan na hanggang dulo na SIBAKIN ang PEKENG REPUBLIKA.

    Iyong gusto si Noynoy at Liberal Party ay itayo ang REPUBLIKA ng LIBERALS.

    Iyong gusto si Villar at Nacionalista Party ay itayo ang REPUBLIKA ng NACIONALISTAS.

    98 MILYON ang nakatira sa 7,107 na hahatiin base sa resulta BAWAT PROBINSIYA.


    (Sent by email)

  5. Since the Report is fake, so the best way to prove it is : submit to
    the psychiatrict test! This will stop him and let all of us know the truth!

    By going to this TEST, it will show that everything that NOYNOY is saying is “THE TRUTH!”

    I will be waiting for the RESULT of the TEST!

    REMY RIBOROZO in San Francisco

  6. Jimmy A. Cura says:

    Hi, Perry!

    Your citation of Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda man, has a ring of authority. You know whereof you speak, man. You have more than amply demonstrated it these past weeks and months as you took part in the wrecking of Manny Villar. Well done!

    Regardless of the back and forth of denials and counter-accusations, the truth is that the candidates should be ready and willing to undergo the necessary tests (physical, mental, and otherwise)to prove their fitness and capacity for the highest office in the land. All the presidential candidates, led by those who fancy themselves as leading the pack, would do the nation a great service and favor by openly submitting themselves to such tests and agreeing to release the results to the public. The electorate deserve such openness and transparency.

    So, to Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Erap Estrada, Gibo Teodoro, Dick Gordon, Eddie Villanueva, JC de los Reyes, and Jamby Madrigal, heed the challenge of the voting public — SUBMIT YOURSELVES TO PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXAMINATION BY AN AGREED-UPON AGENCY THAT HAS THE EXPERTISE AND CREDIBILITY TO DO SO! The need is urgent and necessary. Do it before the elections so the public may know the results. This should be a minimum requirement. ###

    • perry says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for your comments. Here’s my take on this issue of physical and mental testing. It would be an exercise in futility because both candidates would insist on using the doctor of their choice. Of course each of them would reject the choice of the other. So it would end in an impasse.

      With all the charges and counter-charges as to who is mentally ill, I’ll just leave it to the voters to decide whom to believe.

      At the end of the day, I believe the voters would vote for someone they can trust. It will all come down to character.


  7. Dingdong Morales says:

    Whether the dirt dug up in Ateneo be true or not, there is still this possibility that Noynoy really has mental issues. Everyone has issues, but you just got to be careful, cause this one is running for presidency. My take on that is, if it is indeed fabricated, then why not go for a mental exam? I want to understand why he doesn’t have the guts to do so, and prove that there is really nothing wrong with him. On the other hand, Manny Villar’s determination makes him a good bet.Check out and know Villar’s answer.

    • perry says:

      Hi Dingdong,

      Since it was Villar who challenged Noynoy to take a psychiatric test, he told that bot hof them should undergo a lie detector test because that would be more credible. Assuming that the lie detector testing is going to be done professionally by qualified professionals, they can be asked questions like: Have you ever undergone a psychological or psychiatric testing? If so, what were the findings? When was it taken?

      If Noynoy did indeed have a psychiatric test in 1996, then these questions would bring out the truth.

      Now, if a test is going to be done now, that could be subjected to all kinds of manipulations and more than likely the results would be inaccurate.


  8. Juanito Alvaro says:

    Papano kapag hinayaan lang nila ang isyu na ito, at kung sakaling nanalo si NOYNOY ABNOY at habang naka-upo ito, at saka nag TUTULO ANG LAWAY SA MALACANANG? Papaano na ang pilipinas? Nakakatakot kapag nanalo itong abnoy na ito! Kaya Doon nalang tayo sa alam ang gagawin at may tiwala sa sarili at hindi umaasa sa mga advisers, katulad ni MANNY VILLAR!!

    • perry says:

      Hi Juanito,

      Papano m mapagkakatiwalaan si Money Villarroyo? E hawak siya ni Gloria. Pag si Villarroyo ang manalo, tuloy ang ligaya nina Gloria at Mike Arroyo at ang kanilang mga korap na mga tuta. Kawawa naman ang Pinas.


  9. eggie ilagan lopez says:

    as nonoy said: “i’m sorry, but i wont agree to that psychiatric test.
    but I HAVE NO PROBLEM with a lie detector test . . .
    very clear, NONOY HAS A PROBLEM with a psychiatric test.

  10. eggie ilagan lopez says:


  11. M C J says:

    Almost anybody can pass a psychiatry test if one wishes to. You can always chose the sensible answer but it doesn’t mean it’s what you really are. Even lie detector machines can be beaten. A wolf can disguise in a sheep’s clothing. It’s important to determine a person’s character by his actions not just by his words.

  12. Jimmy A. Cura says:


    What we are suggesting is for an independent agency (not to be chosen by any of the presidential candidates) to carry out the complete examination of each candidate as to their physical, mental, and psychological fitness for the most important job in the country, the presidency.

    I am surprised that you have shrugged off the feasibility or even the necessity for such an examination so quickly and so casually. Don’t you agree that it is important that anyone aspiring for the presidency be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for the job?

    I have seen you hammer again and again on the points that you say you firmly believe in. Why not on this one?

    As one of your readers has sharply noted: If Noynoy says that he cannot agree to a psychiatric test, but he has no problem with the lie-detector test, does this mean he has a problem with the psychiatric test?

    It is not a flippant or silly question. It directly addresses the issue of how important a presidential candidate’s overall fitness and capacity for the job is. None of the presidential candidates, Noynoy and Villar included, should shirk such an examination. The public has the right to know and be assured of their fitness for the job.

    We don’t have to take their own word or the words of their backers and supporters for this. These are necessarily biased and prejudiced.

    Let an independent physical and pyschological or psychiatric examination show it.


    • perry says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      I have no problem with the idea of ALL presidential candidates being subjected to a psychiatric test. If they all agree, let’s proceed. But do you think we can get all nine candidates to agree?

      Assuming that they all agree, the real problem is that anybody can fake their answers to the psychiatrist doing the evaluation. I dare to say that 100% all the candidates would be deemed as sane or with no psychological or psychiatric disorder.

      Noynoy’s challenge to undergo lie detector test would be more conclusive because each of them will be asked if he or she had a psychiatric test before? If so, what were the results of the tests? That kind of testing cannot be faked because the question delves into the past.

      What says you?


  13. Mac Flores, Jr. says:

    Maiba ako topic.

    Kailangan sa magiging presidente bukod sa marunong at alam ang batas, dapat matapang din. Hindi kayang takutin.

    Palagay ko yung gaya ni Lim o’ ni Ramos (pero takot malamang may chicks, sabi nila)

    Si Marcos, sumobra ang tapang pero takot kay Imelda at sa Romualdez (sabi nila).

    Kapag ‘weak’ang president lalo na kung matandang binata (sabi nila), punching bag ang kalalabasan niya sa media.

    Kaya malamang back to zero growth ang Pilipinas after the election

  14. Apo Lakay says:

    Filipinos can be so judgmental and unforgiving. Truth is, you can have STD issues, pangungurakot issues, etc. But one thing the public can’t handle are “mental problem” rumors and “gender confusion” issues. You know what happened to Miriam Santiago. She was the best bet for that election and her rivals smeared her campaign branding that she’s insane. Di ba ganun naman yun? If in the family someone is genius, it could go the other way around, so let’s see if this equation is right: Ninoy/genius + Cory/above average= Noynoy/Moron….kinda looks right to me….

  15. Kriselda says:

    Noynoy wag mo na ipilit ang bagay na hindi mo talaga kaya. Hindi mo kayang gawin ito para sa magulang mo. Hindi ka pa handa. Wala ka pang nagagawa para sa bansa. Ang sweldo mo sa congreso at sa senate sayang… wla ka nagawa.

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